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Why did the Beatles break up?

Why did the Beatles break up?

Why did the Beatles break up?
June 21
15:23 2021

“Who broke it up?” Howard Stern recently asked Paul McCartney in an interview. “John!” McCartney said in a slightly devious tone to suggest that he understood the nature of Stern’s switch and bait style of interviewing.

Howard Stern, with a glint in his eye, responded to Macca, saying: “And he tried to pin it all on you?!” At this point, the Beatle that we have come to know and love so well over the years returns with his sincerity and generous brand of honesty: “I don’t think anyone tried to pin it on anyone, it just came out that way. That’s a long story.”

In fact, McCartney might be more cunning than people realise. When manager Brian Epstein and the group’s PR man, Tony Barrow, were discussing who the most difficult Beatle was to manage, Epstein surprisingly said it was McCartney. Barrow said, according to Newsweek: “John may have been the loudest Beatle, but Paul was the shrewdest.”

The dissolution of the greatest band came about from the friction between the two masterminds of the group: McCartney and Lennon.

This long story is one of the most talked-about issues in the history of modern music. When one discusses rock ‘n’ roll music, one would be naive to not acknowledge the impact The Beatles had on the evolution of the genre. During this discussion, it wouldn’t take long until one mentions the brilliance of their short-lived but no less influential legacy. How could a group of four guys from Liverpool create this kind of history in no less than eight years?

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