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Dr. Angie McCartney

Dr. Angie McCartney

Dr. Angie McCartney

Dr. Angie McCartney

The Reverend Dr. Angela Lucia McCartney was born in Liverpool UK in November of 1929. She married her first husband Eddie in 1956 and daughter Ruth was born in February 1960. Sadly, Angie was widowed in ’62, and in ’64, her old friends Mike and Bette introduced her to their Uncle Jim McCartney.

They married in November and spent 12 loving years together, with Angie and Ruth at his side when he passed over to the great tea dance in the sky in March of 1976.

She was a first-time author at the age of almost 83, releasing her memoir “My Long & Winding Road” available here.

In August of 2015, at almost 86, she became Dr. Angie McCartney, earning her DBA from City University Los Angeles.

Angie’s life has always revolved around tea, from surviving WW2, to celebrating the announcements of #1 chart hits with friend and frequent house-guest John Lennon over breakfast at Rembrandt, the Liverpool home in the 60’s. Today, she’s as feisty as ever.

Angie still begins each day with a nice cup of tea.
It is the ritual that makes British working-class families talk, communicate, celebrate and commiserate and Angie has found some of the world’s finest organic teas, which she has become passionate about sharing with you. So put the kettle on, take off your shoes and explore Mrs. McCartney’s world of organic tea. A percentage of the profits of the company will be donated to the Linda McCartney Breast Cancer Centre. (Photo by Dawn Bowery)

All you need is Tea!

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