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Mrs. McCartney’s CBD

Introducing Mrs. McCartney’s CBD

Meet the ever-feisty Dr. Angie McCartney, born in 1929 near Liverpool, UK.

Angie has had tea with Billionaires and Bus Boys…Rockstars and Reverends and she is an author, entrepreneur, broadcaster and the founder of Mrs.McCartney’s Teas, Mrs. Mccartney’s Wines and now, in cahoots with Primo Gardens Inc. from Colorado, Mrs. McCartney’s CBD.

by Angie McCartney

My early childhood in industrial Liverpool, UK was beset with lung problems, asthma, bouts of pneumonia etc., and I remember being tested with all kinds of remedies, but nothing really worked.

I even had a pen friend from Brazil send me a bottle of Vapo Cresolene, which you had to pour over a shovel of hot coals, obtained from the fireplace in the kitchen of our freezing little rented council house.

This filled the air with black smoke, and resulted in a violent coughing spell which brought up mucus and resulted in heaven knows how much more damage to the environment.

My Dad, Robert Stopforth, was a Compound Pharmacist, having trained in med. school in his younger years. During his military service in World War I, he served as a research chemist in the production of mustard gasses, which were used against the enemy with drastic results.

One thing he would always tell us kids was to never put anything in your body that didn’t come from God’s green earth. He created ointments, tinctures, eye drops, ear drops, lotions, and all kinds of medicaments which were eagerly snapped up by the patients at the Surgery where he worked for a dour Scottish Doctor, Dr. McAlpine, in Liverpool.

Robert Stopforth circa 1910

Dad had fiery auburn hair, and the patients used to call him “The Red Fella” and ask for him specifically to take care of their needs, they believed in him so much.

His words, although not fully understood as a child, remained in the back of my mind, and in more recent years, when I saw my late husband, Jim McCartney, suffer courageously from osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, little did I realize that many of the musicians who visited us at Rembrandt, our home on Merseyside, may have had a solution to his woes in their guitar cases.

It was only later that I became aware of the relief and release from anxiety a little pot seemed to do for many of the rock ’n’ rollers, and although I have never been a smoker, (due to my lungs), I have always had an affinity for the aroma of said plant, and more recently, have experienced a great deal of relief to my rusty old knees and hands by applying CBD lotions and salves, and needless to say, my previous hostility to such products has been replaced by a real respect for their comfort.

That’s why I decided to enter into this new relationship with Primo Gardens and am excited to move forward with our plans to introduce some of the essences of Mrs. McCartney’s Teas to some of their topical products, with hopefully, a later introduction of Mrs. McCartney’s CBDTea bags, which we are carefully researching at this time. Stay tuned folks. There’s a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on!

I am almost 93 now, and rarin’ to go on my new adventure.”



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