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The “garbage” song John Lennon wrote for The Beatles

The “garbage” song John Lennon wrote for The Beatles

The “garbage” song John Lennon wrote for The Beatles
January 22
11:04 2021

John Lennon has never been shy about chastising his own work within The Beatles. Though publicly he is regarded as one of the pivotal figures in pop music, Lennon was a fierce critic of his work inwardly. Seemingly, when he looked back at some of the Fab Four’s songs in 1980 during an infamous interview with Playboy’s David Sheff, he eviscerated some of his and Paul McCartney’s songs with an untethered disdain. One such song, which had been inspired by breakfast cereal, Lennon labelled “garbage” and a “throwaway”.

The truth is, The Beatles had quite a lot of what Lennon would determine as “throwaway” songs. Though most bands would have been proud to call any of The Beatles tunes their own, Lennon was always happy to aim his own writing. Usually, the songs that faced the harshest critique from Lennon were the earlier tunes, the pop ditties that he and McCartney wrote “eyeball to eyeball” in the band’s early days. But this song, ‘Good Morning Good Morning’, was a piece of one of their most celebrated albums, and widely considered one of the best LPs of all time — Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

It’s not unusual to find out that John Lennon hated a song. The bespectacled Beatle was famed for his caustic tongue, after all. But it was unusual that the song came so late in their career. The band’s 1965 album Rubber Soul is largely considered the moment the band ‘got serious’. Rather than concentrating on dancehall potboilers, the kind of toe-tapping joy that needs no real attention paid to it, the band decided to look inward and write more from their own experiences, rather than relying on rock ‘n’ roll tropes. By the time they were writing for Sgt. Pepper, an admittedly Paul McCartney-led affair, The Beatles had been intellectualised beyond reproach.

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