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LSD showed George Harrison The Beatles’ ugly egos

LSD showed George Harrison The Beatles’ ugly egos

LSD showed George Harrison The Beatles’ ugly egos
October 30
15:19 2020

When The Beatles crossed paths with the psychedelic and mind-expanding drug LSD, the world wasn’t quite ready. The drug had become a fashionable party piece during the mid-sixties and when John Lennon and George Harrison took their first hit under the tutelage of the ‘Demon Dentist’ John Riley who, apparently, ‘dosed’ the two Beatles during a night on the tiles in 1965. Many people will point to the huge effect it had on the band most effectively when revisiting both the albums Revolver and Sgt. Pepper.

While the latter was Paul McCartney’s experience with the drug and the former more tightly associated with John Lennon, it was George Harrison who took on the affectations of acid most sincerely and soon found further spiritual connection after taking the hallucinogenic had opened his mind to a new world. “Having LSD was like someone catapulting me out into space,” the songwriter said, “The LSD experience was the biggest experience that I’d had up until that time.” Lennon and McCartney turned their attention to the music after their experience while Harrison turned his focus inwards.

After his experience with the drug, he continued to pursue his fascination with Eastern philosophies and encouraged the rest of the band to join him in a Transcendental Meditation course under the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s guidance. He seemed intent on aligning himself with the new world he could now see more clearly, a world without the trappings of modern life or the weight of the ego. It was a viewpoint which would expand Harrison’s mind and open up his songwriting avenues. There was one song which saw the two intertwine most effectively, the brilliant ‘I, Me, Mine’.

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