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Howard Stern Reveals Who Almost Stopped John Lennon Killer –

Howard Stern Reveals Who Almost Stopped John Lennon Killer –

Howard Stern Reveals Who Almost Stopped John Lennon Killer –
November 26
10:57 2019

Howard Stern aired a vacation show this week with James Taylor who discussed having an encounter with The Beatles icon John Lennon‘s murderer Mark David Chapman the day before he shot Lennon. While Taylor told Chapman he had to go when he rambled to him, he unfortunately couldn’t report him to authorities for his disturbing behavior. John Lennon’s goodbye letter to George Harrison was revealed a few days ago. recapped: Howard said he has to ask James about something. He said on December 7, 1980 James encountered Mark David Chapman. Howard said that the loss of John Lennon is such a huge loss to the world. James said it really is a big loss. He said that he just got started at 40. He said Lennon could have just been getting started too. James said he was living in a building and John lived in the building next door. He said between them was 73rd Street.

James said he was coming out of the subway one day and Mark was on the train or on the platform with him. He said Mark was agitated and he was sweating and looked like he had been up for a while. He said that he was creeped out by the guy. He said he got the vibe that he didn’t want to spend a lot of time with him. He said he was rambling on and on and babbling. He said that he walked up the stairs to 72nd street and said he had to go. He said the next evening he was talking to Peter Asher’s wife and she was talking about how crazy things were out where he lived. James said he was sitting by a window that was near the Dakota. Ringo Starr recently revealed if John Lennon’s widow ruined The Beatles.

He said that he heard 5 shots ring out on the street. He said that he said he thinks the cops just shot someone on the street. He told Asher’s wife that it was 5 in a row. He said he thought someone had been killed on the street and he had to go. He said 20 minutes later Asher’s wife called back saying that was John Lennon. Howard asked if that made him rethink New York and living there. James said it did a little bit. He said that they were so popular that you’re going to fit into some crazy fantasy just statistically. James said he can still travel as a working musician and he’s grateful for that.

Howard asked if he knew that John lived there next to him. James said he had actually visited him and Yoko. He said he ran into John on the street a few times too. He said he was an amazing guy.

Source: Howard Stern Reveals Who Almost Stopped John Lennon Killer –

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