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John Lennon Vs. the Mob – Book and Film Globe

John Lennon Vs. the Mob – Book and Film Globe

John Lennon Vs. the Mob – Book and Film Globe
May 02
11:04 2022

There have been scads of books about The Beatles in general and John Lennon specifically. Paul McCartney carries the Beatles legacy forward, playing stadia across America, dinging nostalgia bells in a live context, and, to a somewhat lesser extent, so does Ringo Starr, with his All-Starr Band tours, where I always think, “C’mon, Ringo, more Beatles, fewer long-ago hits by your B-level rock pals.”

But it’s Lennon–well, those who write about Lennon–who rules the bookshelves. This, obviously, owes to the fact that there was an endpoint to his career, a very bloody endpoint in December 1980 which needs no further exploration here. And the ever-lingering question of “What if?” which hovers around any artist taken away too soon.

One of the smaller slices of Lennon-alia gets the full treatment in Lennon, the Mobster & the Lawyer: The Untold Story by Jay Bergen, which came out May 1. (Bergen’s the Lawyer, Morris Levy is the Mobster and Lennon is the wronged rock star.) It’s about a trial many of us may vaguely recall from the hurly-burly days of the mid-1970s, but, for me, at least it was a hazy memory of, “Oh, yeah, weren’t there two versions of that oldies record Lennon did, one peddled on late night TV. How the hell did that happen?”

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