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Paul McCartney Still Going Strong | National Review

Paul McCartney Still Going Strong | National Review

Paul McCartney Still Going Strong | National Review
August 30
11:31 2021

There’s a wow moment at the start of the brilliant new Hulu documentary series on Paul McCartney. As he has done for 60 years, McCartney effortlessly plays the role of the man who can never be knocked down by anything and is happy to yet again play up the contrasting disquiet of his old songwriting partner:

It’s funny, I say to people, I always thought everyone had loving families. Of course, later I found that that’s not true. Some people are very unfortunate. John was very unlucky because his dad left his home when he was three and John didn’t see him until he was famous, and also John’s mum got killed. This was an eye-opener to me. I thought everyone lived like we did!

Amazing. John Lennon was indeed unfortunate in his upbringing. You know who else was? Paul McCartney, whose mother died when he was 14, three years younger than Lennon was when his mother died in a car accident. Four decades later, McCartney suffered a devastating reprise when the same disease that took his mother, breast cancer, also killed his wife. Linda was only 56 when she died and endured several tortured years at the end. Yet Paul would have us believe that of the two leading Beatles, John had a monopoly on sorrow. If so, that’s because McCartney simply willed himself through suffering, not because everything was biscuits and jam for him. As far as I can tell, McCartney has never discussed in any detail the pain of losing either woman. When Linda was dying he made a gently beautiful album, Flaming Pie, that considered her illness only in the most oblique way.

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