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The Beatles song that John Lennon called a “nonsense”

The Beatles song that John Lennon called a “nonsense”

The Beatles song that John Lennon called a “nonsense”
July 23
12:16 2021

Unlike a lot of artists, John Lennon was more than happy to turn around, take aim, and fire at his own back catalogue (admittedly as well as the output of others). Sometimes there was politics behind his finger-pointing, but other times it was simply a sign of the strident artistry that made him an icon in the first place.

His work even apparently inspired Steve Jobs toward perfectionism, as he once remarked in regard to ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’: “It’s a complex song, and it’s fascinating to watch the creative process as they went back and forth and finally created it over a few months. Lennon was always my favourite Beatle.”

Adding, while listening to the record with, Walter Isaacson he said: “Did you hear that little detour they took? It didn’t work, so they went back and started from where they were…yet they just didn’t stop. They were such perfectionists they kept it going and going.”

Thus, if tracks like ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ came at the cost of disdain for others, then it’s a deal that even a meddling FBI agent in a frustrating thriller would be willing to cut. One track, in particular, felt the retrospective wrath of John Lennon as he looked back at The Beatles gilded discography when all was said and done.

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