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How George Harrison’s success vindicated The Beatles

How George Harrison’s success vindicated The Beatles

How George Harrison’s success vindicated The Beatles
November 28
10:54 2020

“Music should be used for the perception of God, not jitterbugging.” — George Harrison

George Harrison was always operating in the shadow of John Lennon and Paul McCartney within The Beatles. Despite being such a pivotal figure in their success, there were still question marks on how he would survive outside of the Fab Four. However, when he later shared the masterpiece that is All Things Must Pass on November 27th, 1970, he would silence his critics who dared to doubt him, especially his former bandmates.

All Things Must Pass, in many ways, wasn’t initially intended to be a solo album and a large chunk of the songs that featured on the timeless record were written with The Beatles in mind. Harrison was a shy, reluctant songwriter in the early foundations of The Beatles but, by the latter years of the group, he’d grown into his own skin and was comfortable operating in it. Despite his best efforts, however, Lennon and McCartney were still treating him as their junior. The guitarist had become a prolific songwriter during the final couple of years of the band and was positively firing on all cylinders by the end of his tenure. Frustrated that he had no outlet for his creativity, Harrison found himself limited by the inner workings of the band. All Things Must Pass is the guitarist breaking free from the system that saw his work submitted through a Beatles shaped filter and is a liberating listen from start to finish.

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