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Cavern Club memorabilia is looking for a new home!

Cavern Club memorabilia is looking for a new home!

Cavern Club memorabilia is looking for a new home!
November 23
10:06 2020 Exclusive!


This is my personal card I used in the 60’s. The condition speaks for itself.
I still don’t consider the current club to be the original although many may argue in its favour, possibly for commercial reasons. The original club was on the opposite side of Mathew Street at No. 10. Access was via steep stone steps down to a half landing then left down further stone steps into the cellar. It was dark and had a distinctive smell which was a combination of urine, sweat and disinfectant.
The men’s toilets were always overflowing as a result of many cigarette stumps blocking the drain. As I remember it was a long continuous aluminium trough.

I always wore the same clothes for each visit. Waterproof shoes (essential kit), a black tee shirt, old denim jeans and a combat jacket bought in the Army and Navy surplus stores in Liverpool. They soon acquired the distinctive smell of the club.
The heat generated by the bodies was incredible. It didn’t take long to be pouring in sweat and the walls were thick with condensation.
We would sit at a table at the side under the arches then move into the middle to dance (after a fashion!). There was no alcohol on sale, only Coca Cola if you could afford it. There was a place to leave your coat and hat if you had one and this was looked after by a local girl Cilla White. She was later signed up by the Beatles manager Brian Epstein and used the stage name Cilla Black.
There was a dance known as the Cavern Stomp, which was quite easy to learn, even for people like me with 2 left feet. Basically, you would take your partner’s hand and swing your hand and hers sharply to the left above shoulder height then quickly the opposite way, and that was about it. Your feet hardly moved, because there was nowhere to move them as it was so crowded. The noise generated by the band was incredible, and the combination of this, the heat, the sweat and the excitement of whoever you were dancing with combined to make a unique and unforgettable experience. It was simply brilliant.
On a typical Friday night there would be three or more bands appearing, like The Big Three, Faron’s Flamingos, The Searchers, The Hollies, The Undertakers, Gerry and The Pacemakers (I think he wears one now), The Beatles, The Mojos, The Fourmost, Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, Freddie Starr and the Midnighters, The Dennisons, The Chants, and lots more.

All the above explains the condition of the card.
It was in my back pocket and by the end of the evening almost needed to be dried out. So if you ever come across one that is clean and in new-looking condition beware – Caveat Emptor.


Click here and we’ll put you in touch with the seller in Liverpool.

Thank you,

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