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George Harrison asked a fan to trash Paul McCartney’s car

George Harrison asked a fan to trash Paul McCartney’s car

George Harrison asked a fan to trash Paul McCartney’s car
November 15
09:42 2020

The tension between Paul McCartney and George Harrison at the end of The Beatles was bitter and palpable. The two songwriters had been at loggerheads for much of the band’s final moments, only really settle their differences decades down the line. Much of that tension came from McCartney’s drive for musical perfection clashing with Harrison’s more laidback approach. But we think we may have dug up another reason the two weren’t the closest members of the Fab Four.

Of course, whenever George Harrison spoke you had to take his words with a pinch of salt. The ‘Quiet Beatle’ always had a penchant for sarcasm which meant, at times, it was difficult to know whether he was being serious or deciding to amuse himself by toeing the line a little. One specific example of Harrison almost certainly having a joke came when he replied to a fan letter by instructing them to a seven-step plan to destroying Paul McCartney’s car in 1962—a perfect demonstration of the guitarist’s jovial instincts in full flow.

The Beatles guitarist would regularly respond to fan mail, even later on in The Fab Four’s career when they had become the face of global popular culture—a testament to the sort of person he was and, more importantly, how maintaining a strong relationship with his fanbase was something that helped him maintain close relationships.

One young Beatles superfan, Susan Houghton, had written to the band to wish them a Merry Christmas and also gifted Harrison’s mother flowers and a box of chocolates. Harrison, eternally grateful for the gesture, replied to the fan who also somewhat bizarrely asked for advice on how to clean a car.


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