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John Lennon Christmas card up for $15k auction

John Lennon Christmas card up for $15k auction

John Lennon Christmas card up for $15k auction
October 31
09:45 2017

LONDON – A John Lennon-penned Christmas card to his wife Yoko Ono’s ex Tony Cox in 1968 is up for sale for $15,000.The festive note was penned by the late Beatles legend – who was shot dead in Manhattan, New York, in December 1980 at the aged 40 – in 1968 for music producer Tony Cox, and the former couple’s daughter, Kyoko Cox.The card, which is being sold on Moments In, is believed to be referring to Ono – who was married to Cox from 1962 to 1969 – moving out.It reads: “Dear Tony, we took most of the stuff I think … if we picked up anything of yours – or something you need (don’t panic!). We’ll put it back or send it depending where you are. Hope it’s o.k. there – it sounds it.”Merry Xmas etc”John and Yoko (sic)”Another page of the note sees Lennon asking Cox where the mastertapes of a 1968 concert One performed are, and two of her short films.He writes: “We can’t find them.”In the part addressed to Kyoko, the card reads: “To Dear Kyoko, A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, lots of love and kisses, John and mommy.”In February 2016, a four-inch lock of Lennon’s hair sold for $35,000 at auction.The Imagine hitmaker’s tresses were chopped off prior to his 1967 movie role in How I Won the War.What’s more, his Rolls Royce Phantom V once sold for $2.23 million and lyrics to Beatles hit All You Need is Love fetched $1.25 million.

Source: John Lennon Christmas card up for $15k auction

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