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Quarry Bank School

Quarry Bank School

Quarry Bank School

24 Harthill Road, Calderstones,Liverpool L18 3HS
Tel: +44 151-724-2087


This is the school John Lennon attended. It is now called Calderstones School, a co-educational comprehensive school, in the Liverpool suburb of Allerton.

It began life as Quarry Bank High School for boys in 1922. When John was a pupil there from 1952, he got together with a few friends and formed his first band, The Quarrymen.

The school song was The Song of the Quarry, which prompted him to give the band their name.

They would sing it every morning, and the first few lines were:

Quarry men old before our birth

Straining each muscle and sinew

Toiling together Mother earth

Conquered the rock that was in you.


The other members of The Quarrymen were: Pete Shotton, Ron Davis, Len Garry, Colin Hanton and Eric Griffiths. It’s generally considered that John Lennon was the only one who took it seriously. The others were in it just for fun.

In July 1957, along came Paul McCartney, and a bit later, George Harrison, and then Stuart Sutcliffe. But by the time Stuart joined them, the band had changed their lineup. And by this time, John had moved on to Art College and lost touch with most of his earlier school friends.

Then when Ivan Vaughan introduced his friend, Paul McCartney. John is quoted as having said: “That was the day. The day that I met Paul, that it started moving.”

It sure did.

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