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12 Arnold Grove

12 Arnold Grove

12 Arnold Grove

Wavertree, Liverpool L15 8HP, UK
Aka George Harrison’s Birthplace and Childhood Home


The house is the birthplace and childhood home of George Harrison.

It is a small terraced house in a cul-de-sac where George’s parents, Harold and Louise, moved to in 1931 following their marriage. The rent was ten shillings (aka ten bob) a week. All four of the couple’s kids were born at home here with a midwife in attendance: Louise (16 August 1931), Harry (1934), Peter (20 July 1940) and George (25 February 1943).

George recalled that the only heating was a single coal fire, and the house was so cold in winter that he and his brothers dreaded getting up in the morning because it was freezing cold and they had to use the outside toilet. The house had tiny rooms – only ten feet by ten (100 ft., about 9 m) – and a small iron cooking stove in the back room, which was used as a kitchen. Describing the back garden, Harrison wrote it had “a one-foot wide flower bed, a toilet, a dustbin fitted to the back wall (and) a little hen house where we kept cockerels.

George lived here for the first six years of his life, by which time the family had been living there for nearly 20 years. They finally moved out to a new council estate in Speke, near the McCartney Family on 2 January 1950.

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