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Paul McCartney Working On New Album | Billboard

Paul McCartney Working On New Album | Billboard

Paul McCartney Working On New Album | Billboard
March 27
11:09 2017

Get ready for some new music from Paul McCartney.“I’m making a new album, which is great fun. I’m in the middle of that,” McCartney said during an interview with BBC Radio 6’s Matt Everitt on Saturday (March 25).The new set is being produced by Greg Kurstin. “I’m working with a producer who I first worked with two years ago on a thing, a piece of music I’m doing for an animated film,” McCartney said.“And since then he went on to work with Beck and got best album of the year,” he continued. “Then he went on to work with Adele. He just got song of the year, record of the year with Adele. And just got producer of the year. So my only worry is people are going to go, ‘Uhhhhh, there’s Paul going with the flavor of the month.’ You know, I suppose you always think the worst of it. But he’s a great guy. Greg is musical and he’s great to work with.” Sony Says Paul McCartney Lawsuit Over Beatles Songs Is Unripe A release date for McCartney’s upcoming album has not yet been scheduled.A day after his Flowers in the Dirt reissue with previously unheard demos from the recording sessions with Elvis Costello was released around the world, McCartney said writing with Costello on the album was very much like working with John Lennon.“You know the thing is there’s a million ways to write and I realize that more and more these days because there are a million and one now. But the way I always used to write was with John (Lennon) and it would be across from each other, either in a hotel bedroom on the twin beds and with an acoustic guitar. We were just looking at each other. He’d make up something, I’d make up something and we’d just spin off each other.”McCartney said the demos on the new box set were recorded in the middle of intense writing sessions. “I kind of agree with a few people that the demos have got more spark, have got more life with the recordings we ended up with eventually. So it was great to be able to include them in the package,” he said.In contrast, he said working with Kanye West was more of an experiment. “I had no idea what was going to happen because I knew it wasn’t going to be two acoustic guitars. I thought, ‘Well, here goes nothing.’ One provision I said to everyone, ‘Look, if we feel, if I feel this doesn’t work out, we just won’t tell anyone,” he said. “So I kind of went into thinking, ‘No, it doesn’t matter. I’ll just kind of see what he does.”The Beatle also paid tribute to the late Chuck Berry, who was a major influence on The Beatles. He told of a meeting between the two. “He came to one of our concerts when we were playing in St. Louis, which is his home town. And he came round backstage. It was great to meet him and just be able to tell him what a fan I was,” he said.McCartney concluded the interview by talking about his upcoming tour plans in Japan. A representative for the artist would not comment when asked by Billboard if more tour dates would be announced soon.

Source: Paul McCartney Working On New Album | Billboard

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