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Every guitar George Harrison used in The Beatles

Every guitar George Harrison used in The Beatles

Every guitar George Harrison used in The Beatles
April 01
10:49 2022

The number of guitars that floated through The Beatles during their decade-long career is nothing short of astounding. Starting off with cheap instruments bought in local Liverpool shops, the group had three guitar players to satiate, and as their success grew to a seismic level, the three began to search for the best instruments around.

Almost all of these guitars became iconic thanks to their association with the band. John Lennon’s Rickenbacker 325 remains one of the definitive guitars of the mop-top era, while Paul McCartney’s adoption of the Fender Esquire can be heard on the searing lead guitar lines for ‘Good Morning Good Morning’. But as the band’s lead guitarist, George Harrison had a monopoly on guitar geek obsession and fandom.

From the days playing Hamburg clubs all the way through the band’s final recording sessions, Harrison played more than 20 guitars live and on record with The Beatles. Some of these axes are from the biggest and most legendary brands out there: Gibson, Fender, and Rickenbacker. Others are strange hidden gems from companies like Hofner and Gretsch, while still others are from more obscure brands like Maton and Futurama/Kent. Whatever he was using, Harrison was consistently producing some of the most exciting six-string work of all time.

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