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15 brilliant songs that start with the chorus

15 brilliant songs that start with the chorus

15 brilliant songs that start with the chorus
August 16
11:51 2021

“Don’t bore us. Get to the chorus.” An excellent maxim to live by, and one that more artists should embrace with fervour. Long, extended intros should be kept to the realm of jam bands: if you’re trying to make a solid first impression, why hit the listener square in the face with the catchiest, most memorable part of the song right off the bat?

Now, it’s not often obvious which part of the song is the chorus. Classic A-A-B-A song structure, best known for its prevalence in jazz standards and Tin Pan Alley compositions but also used by musicians influenced by this particular style of songwriting like Brian Wilson (‘Surfer Girl’) and Lennon/McCartney (‘From Me to You’), disregards the verse-chorus form. Other songs, like ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘2112’, are epic song suites that ignore the formalities of a chorus.

But, there are plenty of popular music examples from the past 60-plus years of songs that start with a clear and concise chorus before introducing the first verse. For this list, we’re playing fast and loose with introductions, with the basic understanding that as long as it’s not an extended intro, a few bars of instrumental work won’t sink a song’s chances.

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