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Sir Paul McCartney’s 78th Birthday Fan Celebration

Sir Paul McCartney’s 78th Birthday Fan Celebration

Sir Paul McCartney’s 78th Birthday Fan Celebration
June 18
06:05 2020

Below are the comments from fans from all over the world wishing Sir Paul McCartney a happy 78th birthday!
Thank you all for participating and thank you for supporting!

Gayle Hensley-Ward Happy Birthday Paul, my Gemini brother! 🎉🎈🎉🎈🎁🎂❤️
  • JoAnn Grubbs Paul – for your birthday I am wishing for peace, love and better days ahead for you and your family, and all the world. Hoping we will rock again. Happy Birthday! We miss you.
  • JoAnn Grubbs

  • Diane Holaway Wray Birthday Blessings, Sir Paul !
  • Ron LaCaria You say it’s your birthday?
  • Karen Cooper happy birthday
  • Marlene O’Malley Happiest of birthdays to you Paul! You are so loved in this world! You waved to me as you walked to the elevator when you played at Wrigley Field in Chicago a couple of years ago. I knew it was for me cuz I was the only one there doing security by the production office at the time. Wanted to come say hello while you waited for the elevator but my boss showed up and I wasn’t allowed to!! Bad timing on his part – I was so disappointed! Hope I’ll get the chance again some day! Meanwhile enjoy your day! 🎂🎶🎸
Debbie Martin **Wishing you a very healthy, happy Birthday, Sir Paul!** I knew your friend, Sam Leach, and he loved you so much. I am sure he’s sending wishes from Heaven. Cheers from Oklahoma! Love you! <3
  • Efrat Millo 78 years ago, god gave this world the most precious gift anyone could ask for. A combination of two people, James and Mary, created a miracle. Of course, nobody thought much of the tiny newborn when the doctors were ready to pronounce him dead, seeing that he wasn’t breathing, or when the new father cried , thinking his newborn son looked like a “horrible piece of red meat”…not suspecting that this “piece of red meat” would make him the proudest father on earth, when he turns out to be not only a rare and one of a kind musical gift, but also man of kindness, courage, compassion and love for all the creatures on earth, and would set example for millions of others to follow…so tell me, what can we wish this treasure on his special day? Who, with all his fame and glory remained a simple man and a boy in spirit? All the happiness in the world is a small reward for all you’ve given us! And stay healthy, first and foremost for your beautiful family, and for us, as we want you here for many years to come. We love you Paul, from the depth of our soul!
  • Fred Grady Paul, thanks for all the inspiration you’ve given me, the singles, B-sides and albums. The videos, films, concerts and songs you’ve given others! Happy birthday, young fellow! 👍


Linda Carillo Happy Birthday 🎁🎂🎉
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Juergen Scholz Hey Sir Paul, have a very nice ‘n happy birthday! Love the way you do, you living legend. Stay young and safe and let me say D A N K E! 🍻 Jay from from Germany j-)
  • Peggy Deis Happy birthday to my favorite musician!!
Daryl M Palmer Happy Birthday Sir Paul!
Ricky Cordeira Happy birthday Paul you are the best
  • Silvina Alejandra Castro Send you lodda love, Paulie!!!!! Happy Birthday, happy life!!!! Enjoy your special day!!!! From Buenos Aires! 🎂xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting, text that says 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULIE!!! The Beatles Story, Liverpool November 2011'
  • Marsha Emery-Briley Have A Very Happy Birthday, Paul. So thrilled that we had our picture taken together in Dallas 😆
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  • Ruth Ann McCartney Of COURSE I wanna wish the man a happy day and a healthy 2020 and BEYOND – keep rockin Bro! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Sandy Stranc Gardner Happiest of birthdays to you Sir Paul! ❤️🌈
  • Rick Lawthers Happy birthday, Paul! Thanks for all the awesome music and memories that they have generated! Stay safe and continue to rock on!
  • Kathryn Boyer Best wishes for a Happy Birthday to my favorite musician in the universe! 😘
  • Laurie Kaplan Dear Paul. Wishing u a happy birthday. I have loved and admired u since that February evening in 1964. U have changed my life in so many ways and your music always has a place in my heart. Have seen u 13 times and my dream is to meet u. Love u always💕🎉🎸🎼🎂
Happy Birthday Stooges Beatles.mp4
Happy Birthday Stooges Beatles.mp4

Happy Birthday Stooges Beatles.mp4


  • Jean Monteleone Martorella Happy Birthday to my all time favorite singer,songwriter and musician. Rock on Sir Paul. May you be well and continue to shine. ❤️🎸🎂🎉


  • Roxanne Albee Happy birthday Little darling! Happy birthday Paul!
  • Robbi Reddell Happy Birthday, Sir Paul! I hope you have an amazing day!!
  • Debbie Thacker Happy Birthday Paul!! Sending Love and Blessings from California, USA.
  • Jack Baldwin Sending best wishes for a fabulous Birthday Sir Paul !!🎉🎂🎶 The greatest and most successful songwriter in the history of music! When I met Mal Evans at the first Beatlefest convention in NY back in 74′, he shared that he saw you that morning at the Plaza…. I told Mal to please convey a hello from your #1 fan … Hello again and have a great day!!
  • Sioux Abernethy Lucas The happiest of birthdays to you, Sir Paul! You captured my heart in early 1964, at the tender age of 11. And you hand your music have mesmerized me ever since. God bless you on your special day, and always! 😁🎈🎉❤️
  • Pierre Paradis Happy Birthday & Long Live Sir Paul !
  • Michael Cody Happy Birthday from Ottawa Canada!
  • Janis McCarty Wishing you an abundance of happiness and my the year ahead bring you all that fills your heart with peace and joy. Just like you have given us! I love and appreciate you beyond the universe!! ALWAYS 🤗❣️🤗
  • Sean Szymaszek Happy Birthday Paul🎶🎈🎂

Happy Birthday Paul, from one 90 year old to a 78 year old. I can’t believe we’ve made it this far, but let’s keep on rocking. Have a lovely day. Angie


  • Dorothy Groenert Happy Birthday
  • Lisa Locke Happy Birthday & Solar Return blessings to the most diversely talented & brilliant artist of my lifetime, Sir Paul! I have loved your vast eclectic music, imaginative songs, lyrics, & classical creations & your spirit since I was a little girl. Wishing you and all your loved ones many blessings of perfect health & abundant happiness!!!! And many thanks for supporting vegetarianism & all the love you give the world.🌹♥️ 🎶🎪🎈🌺🌹🌈🙏🏼🎉🦋🌸🎈🎶
Janet Ilieva Честит и благословен!


  • Christine Burns Lehrfeld Macca smacks to my dear friend and astrology perfect man. I’m October 18. 🍰
    You saved my life, Paul ! Have fun !
  • Joanne Hesse Happy Birthday Paul! Loved meeting you on my aircraft! You are such a gentleman! Enjoy your day with family and friends!





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