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Paul McCartney releases the video for “Fuh You.”

Paul McCartney releases the video for “Fuh You.”

Paul McCartney releases the video for “Fuh You.”
September 14
09:35 2018

When I first heard “Fuh You,” the latest single to Paul McCartney’s new album Egypt Station, I have to admit, I wasn’t terribly sure what to think about it. I mean, it’s classic Macca, but it’s kind of awkward hearing Paul McCartney singing so bluntly about sex (at least when you forget about “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road,” “Girls School,” and “Hi Hi Hi”), let alone in an era when talk about well-respected celebrities and sex… well, let’s just leave it at “the very edge of the unseemly.”

When I heard that Macca was going to film a music video in Liverpool, I specifically said I hoped he didn’t film a video for that song. The bad news is he did. The good news is it’s actually a lot better than I expected.

The video is actually shockingly wholesome for something whose title is a Voiceless velar stop from including one of George Carlin’s Seven Dirty Words. Simply put, it’s about a young boy taking a girl to her home, and kissing. Her mother breaks them up, and he walks home, lip-synching all the way to Macca’s new single. I don’t know much about who’s responsible for this, the director or the actor who plays the boy. I like to think the boy is Shaun from This is England, and that he’s had the good sense to move beyond Combo’s mentorship and be a bit more open-minded about who he wants to be intimate with.

And maybe Anton Corbijn directed it, because I can’t help but think about this scene from Control that looks a lot like it:

Yes, I know Anton Corbijn isn’t the only music video director who shoots in black and white, and this might be a bit too pop for him (or so I thought until I discovered he made music videos for U2 and Coldplay).

Source: Paul McCartney releases the video for “Fuh You.”

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