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Mary Hernandez

Angie McCartney and Mary Hernandez

Angie McCartney and Mary Hernandez

During The Fest For Beatles in Los Angeles, CA 2014, Mary Hernandez gifted Angie McCartney this beautiful pendant, her version of “Blackbird.”

Mary Hernandez creates beautiful Beatles Tribute jewelry at her workshop in Litchfield, AZ, along with her husband Carlos. She presented Ruth and I with some beautifully crafted John Lennon related items, and a very special “Blackbird” pendant when we met up at one of Mark Lapidos’ “Fests for Beatles Fans.” There’s a wonderful display of her artifacts on her website at Every piece is hand crafted with loving care, and you feel you have a very special connection to our beloved boys when you are wearing Mary’s delightful jewelry.

Angie wears it proudly to all her Beatles-related events.

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