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London Marylebone Railway Station

London Marylebone Railway Station

London Marylebone Railway Station

Great Central House Melcombe Place, London NW1 6JJ
Tel: +44 345 600 5165

Marylebone is a Central London railway terminus and connected London Underground station in the Marylebone area of the City of Westminster. On the National Rail network it is also known as London Marylebone and is the southern terminus of the Chiltern Main Line to Birmingham. An accompanying Underground station is on the Bakerloo line between Edgware Road and Baker Street in Transport for London‘s fare zone 1. The station opened on 15 March 1899.

It has seen many expansions over the years, and came to global fame when The Beatles shot scenes for A Hard Day’s Night, accompanied by the screams of hundreds of girls, and even a few boys, when they realized that their heroes were in town. That was in March of 1964, and since that time, the location has seen many more visitors than ever, cameras in hand. Director Richard Lester had more to deal with than he had anticipated.

And it was during that filming that George Harrison first met Patti Boyd, who would become his wife. But that’s another story…

George later shot his solo scene at Twickenham Studios. His line was: “Oh, I’m not wearing that, it’s grotty.” (As in grotesque). It was a made up word by Alun Owen, the screenwriter.

Other movies have also been shot there, including The Ipcress File and The Day of the Triffids.


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