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The London Palladium

The London Palladium

The London Palladium

8 Argyll St, Soho, London W1F 7TF, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 207 492 0834


This famed theatre has been the scene of many great performances, including a Beatles’ Royal Variety Command Performance, at least one of which was distinguished by John Lennon’s remark asking the rich patrons to “rattle yer jewellery.” Whereas, the peasants were merely asked to applaud.

The London Palladium is, without doubt, London’s most famous theatre, and to get to stand on that stage is one tremendous buzz, according to the boys, and several musicians who have been privileged to play there.

Living in England at the time, Sunday Night at The London Palladium was the biggest TV event of the week, and the pubs did precious little business until after the show was over. Then the husbands, (and maybe the wives) would spill out for a couple of adult beverages.

So what a thrill it was then, to see our local heroes on that stage. Never mind yer Ed Sullivan, this was the apex for me.

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