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Four Lads Who Shook The World Sculpture

Four Lads Who Shook The World Sculpture

Four Lads Who Shook The World Sculpture

15 Mathew Street, Liverpool
(above the entrance to the former Eric’s Club)

This is a sculpture by the late Arthur Dooley which stands on the wall outside of The Cavern.

It was the inspiration of Liverpool’s own legendary broadcaster Pete Price.

In the early days of their accelerating fame, Pete made a suggestion to the City Council that a statue to our local heroes might be fitting, both as a tribute to them, and as a tourist attraction.

They were not in favour of the idea at the time but unbeknownst to him, news of this idea reached many of his fans, who began a campaign in the press, mainly The Liverpool Echo, supporting the idea, and after much discussion, it was agreed that the plan would go ahead, and Pete, who was by then the Master of Ceremonies at the now defunct Shakespeare Theatre, organized a fundraiser.

A gala star studded evening fundraiser was duly put in place, with Frankie Vaughn headlining.

Tom O’Connor and The Black Abbots were star performers. Originally, Frankie Vaughn didn’t think he would be available, so he wasn’t featured on the posters, but at the last minute, he was able to change his plans and joined in to auction Beatles memorabilia, and resulted in raising more money than they had anticipated.

Jim and I attended, and later in the evening, bid on a painting for a sum I can’t remember, and we went home in a taxi proudy sporting our new acquisition.

Pete got in touch with sculptor and artist Arthur Dooley and thus the project began. Arthur Dooley (whom you may wish to Google, as a very interesting character), has long since left us, but his work still remains, a reminder to us all of the early days, and the long lasting effect The Beatles and their music has had.

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