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What happened to Jimmie Nicol?

What happened to Jimmie Nicol?

February 25
09:34 2017

Jimmie Nicol was given the regulation moptop haircut and the thin-lapel suit required to be in the world’s greatest pop group.For 13 days in 1964 he lived the dream as a member of The Beatles at the start of their first world tour but as quickly as fame arrived, it disappeared. The drummer vanished from public view and was last heard of talking about starting a new life in Mexico.More than half a century after temporarily replacing Ringo Starr, Nicol will once again be thrust into the spotlight with plans for a Hollywood film about his life. His son, who has not heard from him in 13 years, said that the reclusive musician would be mortified by the global attention.The film rights to a book about Nicol’s life have been bought by the son of the late singer Roy Orbison. It is a story of “betrayal, substance abuse, bankruptcy and an eventual disappearance that has led many to question whether he is dead or alive,” according to the book’s author.Nicol was recruited by The Beatles a day before the band departed for a tour of Denmark, Holland, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, after Starr, who had replaced Pete Best as the band’s drummer two years earlier, was taken to hospital with tonsillitis.Jimmy Nicol in September 1996.Jimmy Nicol in September 1996.When Starr recovered, the substitute was out. The fame and the girls disappeared and within a decade so had Nicol with reports that he was living as a recluse. His son, Howie Nicol, 58, understands his father’s desire to remain undiscovered. “Imagine what you did when you were 23, 24 it has kind of followed you for the rest of time whether it be true or untrue,” he said.

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