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January 12
10:24 2017


Palm Springs International Film Festival, January 2017
(By Dr. Angie McCartney)

Ethel & Earnest Film Premiere

from left to right: Roger Mainwood, Ruth McCartney, Dr. Angie McCartney, Camilla Deakin

This delightful animated film is based on the real life of author Raymond Briggs and his parents, growing up during World War II in London. His subsequent evacuation to Dorset to avoid the blitz, his growing interest in art and writing, the subsequent changes to the lives of his parents. It is all beautifully line drawn, and the attention to detail is just stunning. I will need to see it several more times to absorb it all.

The icing on the cake for me was the inclusion of “Walking in The Park With Eloise,” a song written in the 20’s by my late husband Jim McCartney. It was beautifully reproduced by Carl Davis, the respected musician and conductor, who worked with Jim’s son, Paul, on the Liverpool Oratorio, a tribute to Linda. The soundtrack, which I have downloaded from iTunes, is a wonderful mix of songs of that era, all beautifully arranged by Carl Davis and recorded by The London Chamber Orchestra. The music complements the film well, and it was very emotional for me to follow the story, much of which reflected my own life, growing up in Liverpool, and spending nights in the Anderson shelter in the back garden of 3 Carr Lane, Norris Green, spending nights with my Mum and sisters Mae and Joan, by candlelight, doing crossword puzzles, reciting our multiplication tables, singing songs, making up rhymes, etc., all of which I think contributed to my love of reading and writing. In fact, I think that was probably what motivated me to become a Secretary. Despite my lack of formal education, (which virtually ended when I was ll years old, when Hitler’s nightly bombing of Liverpool made it necessary to quit school so that people who had lost their homes could sleep on the floors at St.T’heresa’s School.

I laughed when I heard the line by Ethel that “Hitler might not be so bad after all.” Precisely my point of view when I learned, as an eleven year old, that I would not be going to school any more. From then until I was 14, all we did we convene once a week at the home of Mrs. Farger at 3 Aconbury Close, to meet our Teacher, swap stories, confirm that we were still above ground, relate news from our brothers who were away at war etc.

In particular, a scene of Ethel and Ernest in their air raid shelter resonated with me. For a split second, I was back in the shelter with the dirt floor, and the wooden lath benches that served as seating and beds. But the strange thing, on looking back, we didn’t think we were having a hard time. I suppose it’s that old British stiff upper lip thing – don’t complain, just get on with it.

I could also identify with Ernest who, whenever faced with a potential problem, would always say, “Well, I’ll just go and put the kettle on.” (The story of my life).

Ruth, Martin and I were delighted to spend time with Roger Mainwood, the Director, and Camilla Deakin the Producer. Palm Springs has always held a special place in my heart, and we combined our trip with a stay at The Ingleside Inn, which I always describe as MY happiest place on earth. It was a bittersweet trip, our first since the passing of dear Melvyn Haber a couple of months ago. But I am happy to learn that the new owners plan to continue to retain much of the old charm and tradition of this historic Inn, which has seen so many celebrities and colourful characters over the years, many of which are documented in Mr.Haber’s books: Bedtime Stories of the Legendary Ingleside Inn, and Palm Springs a la Carte, which he co-wrote with Marshall Terrill, whom I am also pleased to call a dear friend.

And let’s not forget that Paul wrote a song especially for the movie, “In The Blink of An Eye,” so the McCartney males were well represented in this little gem of film making.

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