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You probably think this song is about you… | Varsity Online

You probably think this song is about you… | Varsity Online

November 18
09:41 2016

To have a song written about you is undoubtedly the ultimate compliment. To have your energy and personality inspire someone, you become a part of the creative process. And in being the inspiration, you become immortalised in song. As a listener, this story is then given to us. It is always somewhat mysterious, and there is a curiosity in what makes people write the music they do. We see many iconic pop songs that have their own muses and inspirations. The nature of pop culture sparks our intrigue in these songs and the truth behind their creation.In terms of musical inspiration, Pattie Boyd is an undisputed winning figure. Across two marriages, George Harrison and Eric Clapton were both moved to write songs about the successful model. Not only were these songs both dedicated to Boyd, they were both massive hits and are now a part of musical history. George Harrison’s ‘Something’ was released in 1969 when he was married to Boyd. It is a beautiful song, and it is unimaginable to imagine a gesture quite as romantic as making ‘Something’ for you. Yet their marriage ended, and in 1977, Eric Clapton’s ‘Wonderful Tonight’ was next written for Boyd. Both songs show how music can provide a perfect freeze frame of a moment in life, keeping a certain point frozen in memory. Plus, being the inspiration for both these great artists undoubtedly makes Pattie Boyd an iconic figure in music herself.

Source: You probably think this song is about you… | Varsity Online

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