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‘There Are Faces I Remember’ virtually attends the Fest for Beatles Fans

‘There Are Faces I Remember’ virtually attends the Fest for Beatles Fans

‘There Are Faces I Remember’ virtually attends the Fest for Beatles Fans
February 12
11:07 2024

(Legendary cover artist Shannon with publisher Steven Wilson)

Dr. Angie McCartney and her brand new book: ‘There Are Faces I Remember‘, were attending the Fest For Beatles Fans virtually.

Here’s a little note from Angie:
February 2024

‘I was beyond thrilled to see the launch of my book at The Fest for Beatles Fans at the TWA Hotel in New York, in the capable hands of Publisher Steven Wilson of Imagine and Wonder. The book, “There Are Faces I Remember” is the result of my recollecting memories of many of the interesting people I have encountered since becoming a married-in member of the Beatles’ family when I married Jim McCartney, Paul’s Dad, in November 1964. It introduced me and my four year old daughter to a world we never knew existed, and when Jim adopted Ruth, giving her the McCartney family name, it began a new life for us that all seemed a bit unreal, until we gradually got to know many family members and intimates, who made a place for us in their lives.
It was a labor of love putting it together, and daughter Ruth (now reaching the ripe old song-worthy age of 64) added to the book with her personally created images of the book’s characters, plus QR codes (Quick Response Codes) to lead the reader to many other interesting tidbits, adding value to the price of admission.
(And yes, I do still need her, and will still feed her!).
Mark Lapidos and Steven Wilson worked together to make this all happen, and I am finding the results very exciting. I hope my readers will enjoy sharing my happy memories.’

Here is some information about the legendary event:

The TWA Hotel at JFK Airport will be our home for the 2024 NY Metro Fest, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Fest and 60 years since the Beatles first landed in America at JFK! The hotel sold out in five hours in early April.
Here are some photos from the event:



(Publisher Steven Wilson with Mark Lapidos at the fest)

(Lawrence Juber)

(Mal Evans family)

(Publisher Steve Wilson with author Bruce Spizer)
(Beatles Fan club secretary Freda Kelly – center)
(Charles Rosenay!!!)
(Publisher Steven Wilson with ‘Liddypool’ author David Bedford)
(Beatles author Kenneth Womack)
(Beatles artist Eric Cash)
How The Fest Was Born…

The Fest started in 1974 as the brainchild of a New York-born, New Jersey-raised Beatles fan – Mark Lapidos. In 1974 he was a 26-year-old manager of a Sam Goody record store in NYC. He was a Beatles devotee and he simply wanted to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the year in which the Beatles first came to America. So he decided to create a weekend convention in Manhattan for fellow Beatles fans.

And out of small acorns…

Though he’d never produced such an event before – Mark took the plunge and booked all the convention halls at the Commodore Hotel in New York City for a weekend in early September. He was also very keen to get the blessing of the Beatles for the event. The fates were kind.

On Sunday April 28th 1974 he went to a March of Dimes Walkathon in New York’s Central Park that John Lennon was attending with his friend Harry Nilsson.

Just one hour after the above left photograph (by Robin Titone) was taken, fueled by a mixture of determination and fate, Mark had found his way to the suite at the Pierre Hotel where John was staying. He knocked on the door and to his delight he was welcomed in. Mark sat down with John and told him all about his idea. John’s response was simple: “I’m all for it! I’m a Beatles fan too!”

Having started with the enthusiastic support of John Lennon, the first Fest was held in New York City in September 1974. It was a raging success. Over 8,000 Beatles devotees attended. It was blessed by all four Beatles – who all donated musical instruments to be auctioned for charity. Rolling Stone saluted the event with a front cover story.

After that success, it was only natural that the Fest continue. Within a couple of years the Fest had become an integral part of the Beatles fan experience in America. Fests took place in several major cities in the US – with annual Fests recurring in key regions.

Visit The Fest for Beatles Fans website here…

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