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Tom Frangione – Interview on TeaFlix Tuesday

Tom Frangione – Interview on TeaFlix Tuesday

Tom Frangione – Interview on TeaFlix Tuesday
August 15
12:37 2023
Tom Frangione
The Fest for Beatles Fans’ deep dive into the innovative tracks on Rubber Soul continues with Jude Southerland Kessler, author of The John Lennon Series, and Tom Frangione, host of the “Way Beyond Compare” program on Sirius XM’s Beatles Channel, Channel 18. For years, Tom has been an integral part of the Fest. He has also served as the popular co-host of The Beatles Channel’s “Fab Fourum.” Recently, Tom launched a third show called “Apple Jam,” with co-host David Fricke. Together, they explore The Beatles’ groundbreaking record label.
Watch the TeaFlix interview here…
‘He read a liner for me (MP3 attached) and asked if it he’d pronounced it right. I told him that on the radio, and pretty much anywhere in America, it’s Fran-gee-ohn. In proper Italian, it’s Fran-gee-oh-NEE (pronouncing every letter). I told Paul it was like in the Godfather (Don Cor-lee-ohn, vs Don Cor-lee-oh-NEE). And he said he probably did the Italian pronunciation because Linda was such a great Italian cook, and would always pronounce things the proper way.
And so he even made note of it on the LP he signed for me:’

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