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Paul McCartney and the genius of improvisation – OI Canadian

Paul McCartney and the genius of improvisation – OI Canadian

Paul McCartney and the genius of improvisation – OI Canadian
January 02
09:17 2022

January 7, 1969, London. John has yet to make it to the Twickenham film studios. Paul starts strumming his Höfner bass like a guitar, facing bored stares from Ringo and George, who yawns. Paul, the guitarist who was forced to play bass in Hamburg in 1961 (and buy one at a store) when bassist Stu Sutcliffe left the band to pursue photography and painting. Moments after that strum over which Paul hums, Ringo and George are accompanying him while he already sings the chorus of Get back. Finally, John joins in with the famous leather cover of the Rooftop Concert. This scene went viral, remaining as one of the symbols of Peter Jackson’s titanic documentary about the recording and filming of Let it be. Just over two minutes that are an immersion in the process of creating a song.

1973, Montego Bay, Jamaica. Linda and Paul share a dinner with Dustin Hoffman, who was filming Papillon. Hoffman and his wife, Anne Byrne, challenge Paul to compose a song on the spot on any subject. Anne Byrne opened the last issue of Time magazine, and chose an article on the recent death of Pablo Picasso in which they quoted his last words “Drink for me, drink for my health, because I will not be able to drink anymore.” Paul took his guitar and, in front of everyone’s astonished gaze, based on these words he began to improvise the chorus of Picasso’s Last Words, which he later included on the album Band on the runby Wings.

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