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The story behind The Beatles song ‘Yellow Submarine’

The story behind The Beatles song ‘Yellow Submarine’

The story behind The Beatles song ‘Yellow Submarine’
August 06
09:45 2021

They needed a Ringo song. It’s early summer 1966, and The Beatles are in the throes of their most experimental, most musically ambitious, and most drastically different sounding LP yet, RevolverThe band are beginning to use the studio as an instrument, conjuring sounds that couldn’t possibly be replicated in a live setting, like the echoing tape loops of ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ and the backwards guitar solo of ‘She Said She Said’. The band were embracing psychedelia, expansive thought and were pushing the boundaries of not only their personal musical abilities but the expectations of what a rock band could do. But the business was still business, and the Beatles business mandated a Ringo song.

It might seem slightly bizarre to consider now, but Ringo Starr was easily the most popular Beatle during the band’s early ’60s touring heyday, especially in America. The scene in A Hard Day’s Night where John, Paul, and George get a bundle of fan letters while Ringo gets an entire pile? That was based on real life. The other three Beatles were tall, had striking features, could write tremendous songs, and were incredible singers. Ringo was the affable everyman: short, goofy, limited in his musical range, and often times the most relatable and endearing Beatle. His songs weren’t world-changing number ones or genre-defying opuses; they were classic covers or children’s tunes.

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