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GEIST – Book of Shadows – Chapter 0 ‘Prologue’

GEIST – Book of Shadows – Chapter 0 ‘Prologue’

GEIST – Book of Shadows – Chapter 0 ‘Prologue’
November 17
11:11 2020


GEIST Book Of Shadows (Prologue)

‘My name is Martin Cole.
I’m one of the few survivors of the pandemic.
I come to you from an undisclosed location.
I have altered the frequency of my voice so ‘The Watchers’ can’t pick up my digital signature.
It is of utmost importance to my survival.
(Off screen female voice – ‘Frequency Secure’)
Ahh, good, all clear now…
What I’m about to tell you happens exactly seven years from now.
Where do I start….?’

The year is 2027

The pandemic had raged for seven years now.
There was no work, no income, no food, homelessness was growing fast.
Protests and violence had broken out all across the globe.
The ones that were immune had fled the cities and sought shelter in nature.
Major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, London, Mumbai, Beijing, Moscow had lost almost 90% of their inhabitants.
Towers of steel and glass decayed, like statues of a by gone era.
75% of the world’s population had been infected with the virus.
The governments didn’t tell you that. The governments had lied.
The numbers of infections they showed on TV weren’t real.
Multiply the number by 10, which comes much closer to reality.

The age of Social Distancing

It is in our human nature to be close to one another. To touch, to feel, to be intimate. But this was the New Normal.
At first people had abided by the rules, stay indoors, no contact with the outside world. Reduce the risk of infection.
People had been locked down at home for a long time and were itching to get out to gather with loved ones and friends.
Party, be close, just let it out!
That’s when the real trouble started. Infections grew rampant and people started to get really scared of one another.
Distance had become essential. Social distancing was a new phrase, that would last for years to come.
Hindsight is 2020, haha.
Then, something strange happened. We made contact. Kepler 22b. ANRAC.

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