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About Us

This site is dedicated to everything McCartney. Jim, Paul, Linda, Stella, Mike, Dr. Angie, Ruth, Mary, James, The Beatles and many more of this prodigious family. Here’s a little history behind

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Martin Nethercutt

Publisher McCartney Times As President of McCartney Multimedia, Inc., Martin is responsible for business and creative strategy by overseeing the 50,000 foot view for the company. With over 25 years

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The Family

Meet The McCartneys Welcome to where you will find everything Macca – all the time. From the history of Jim McCartney to what all the talented family is doing

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The Magical History Tour

Show Details Angie and daughter Ruth McCartney have been Beatles insiders from 1964 onwards, when Angie married Sir Paul’s father Jim in November of that year. Their walk down the

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