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The Saville Theatre

The Saville Theatre

The Saville Theatre

135 Shaftesbury Avenue, Covent Garden, London
Tel: +44 333-014-4501
Now known as The Odeon, Covent Garden


Since its days as a theatre, it has now become a four screen movie theatre.

Brian Epstein, himself a former drama student, leased the theatre in 1965 and presented both plays and rock and roll music shows.

The venue became notorious for its Sunday night concerts. During  a performance by Chuck Berry, members of the audience stormed the stage and the police were brought in to subdue them and empty the theatre.

Jimi Hendrix appeared there, and also such people as The Move, Procol Harum, Nirvana, Cream, Fairport convention, The Incredible String Band and The Bee Gees.

The Beatles took over the Saville stage for the making of their music video “Hello, Goodbye” and Yoko Ono also used the Theatre to perform her “The Fog Machine: Music of the Mind.”  which also included her Bottoms, (Film No. 4) in the men’s room during the concert.

The Rolling Stones also held two shows on December 21st 1969. Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames were also a popular recurring act.


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