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9 Madryn Street

9 Madryn Street

9 Madryn Street

aka Ringo’s Birthplace
The Dingle, Liverpool  L8 3TT


Madryn Street was Richard Starkey’s first home. He was born here on July 7th, 1940 and lived here until he was 6. The family then moved a mere 2 blocks away to 10 Admiral Grove, and the pub, The Empress, which adjoins the 2 streets, was featured on Ringo’s album cover – Sentimental Journey. Over the years, the district has become run down and dilapidated, but still, Beatles fans like to visit the area, just for old time’s sake, take pictures of the street sign and reminisce about what his early childhood might have been like for the future Sir Richard Starkey. The house has undergone many changes over the years, and is now just a memory.

The area was known as The Welsh Streets, because of their naming for Welsh towns, and at that time, consisted of about 450 Victorian houses.

Although the house is boarded up, the fans continue to write on the door and walls. The City Council decided against making it into a location of note, despite many protests from Liverpudlians.

Fab Four Taxi Tours shows photos of tourists, cameras in hand, who still want to visit the site, despite its dilapidated condition. How about you? Their phone number is +44 151-601-2111. Tell them Angie McCartney sent you. They took good care of us when we were in Liverpool for the launch of my first book, My Long and Winding Road.

The Madryn Street sign has had to be replaced many times, and currently io display, is a black back board covered in graffiti. A sad reflection of the times.

But you might still want to put it on your bucket list.


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