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Lewis’s Store

Lewis’s Store

Liverpool L2 2LZ, Liverpool
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Like Blackler’s Stores, Lewis’s was another of the great iconic department stores that epitomises the spirit humour and unity of a City like Liverpool.

It was originated in 1856 by David Lewis, mainly dealing in men’s and boys’ clothing. Then in time, it branched out into women’s clothing later adding various other departments, including shoes in 1874, then tobacco in 1879, thought at the time to be very risque.

Just across the street from the famed Adelphi Hotel, it stood out as a beacon of the pride of the City, and despite being bombed almost to extinction during world War II, it rose again from the ashes, and after many years of reconstruction returned to (almost) its former glory.

When it reopened, the public was shocked, outraged, delighted, and amused by the statue that adorned it’s facade. Fondly known as “Dicky Lewis” it was a nude man, proudly displaying all of his attributes. And over the years, it became famous as a meeting place, when people would say, “I’ll meet you under Dicky Lewis.”

It was a favourite meeting place of John and Cynthia, who would be embarrassed, standing under this statue, usually in the sexy attire that John demanded, fishnet tights, short skirts and high heeled shoes. That was not the real Cynthia, but how John wanted her to be. And she loved him so much that in those early days, she never dared refuse him.

The Beatles performed at a special event on the top floor of the store on 28th November 1962. This was a private event for a staff event for The 527 Club, billed as “The Young Idea Dance.”

Peter Brown, later to be Brian Epstein’s Personal Assistant, was Manager of their record Department.

It finally closed its doors in early 2010.  Many a Scouser bade Dicky a fond farewell.


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