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The Empress Pub

The Empress Pub

The Empress Pub

93 High Park Street, Liverpool L8 3UF, UK
+44 151 726 0159


The Empress pub is located very close to where Ringo Starr lived as a child. In fact, he used it as the Album cover for his Sentimental Journey CD.
As it is to be expected, it  proudly boasts pictures of the boy himself, along with his workmates, and has various other bits and bobs of memorabilia dotted around the place.
It is a favourite hangout of many locals, who always welcome tourists and are happy to tell them stories of “the old days.”

Ringo’s Mum, Elsie worked there at one time, in the days when it was essential for her to bring in some extra pennies to feed her growing boy. Little did she know then what the future was to hold.

Elsie once showed me a Post Office savings book where she would regularly deposit a few bob from the allowance her son had begun making her when The Beatles first started their rise to fame. She told me she was putting it by for a “rainy day” for when this music thing petered out.


Check out David Bedford’s video on Ringo Starr’s Mural at The Empress!

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