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John Lennon: We Are The Government | The Huffington Post

John Lennon: We Are The Government | The Huffington Post

February 03
11:16 2017

It comes from an interview given by John Lennon in the late 1960s: We Are The Government. Lennon was the king of the slogan. War Is Over. Imagine. Give Peace A Chance. Power To The People. Millions of people do not tweet and share these slogans every time his birthday or the anniversary of his passing come around because he was a pop star that rattled off casual sound bites. The popularity of these slogans endure because they were founded on his study of human rights and his ability to approach politics and spirituality together, as one. He was impeccable in his word. To be impeccable in your word is one of The Four Agreements written by the Mexican author Don Miguel Ruiz in his book on ancient Toltec Wisdom. Positive and uplifting words that unite us can only do good for each other and our world.Lennon was a spiritual warrior, and arguably one of the first people to utilise his celebrity to promote spiritual and political beliefs for the benefit of the many, for which we must thank Yoko Ono, who was surely the catalyst for that groundbreaking, artistic delivery of social activism . During this sad and divisive time in our country and across the world, it is disappointing and retrogressive that contemporary celebrities are doing nowhere near as much work as Lennon did 50 years ago, and, that the one politician whom Lennon would be supporting today has been discredited to such a damaging degree, that those of us who truly believe in a world of equality and social justice cannot see whom we should support in order to get it.

Source: John Lennon: We Are The Government | The Huffington Post

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