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Ringo Starr Quit The Beatles 47 Years Ago

Ringo Starr Quit The Beatles 47 Years Ago

August 28
12:38 2016

Forty-seven years ago today, Ringo Starr walked out on the Beatles. It was all very hush-hush, of course, they couldn’t be having any more unwanted press, but Ringo straight up walked out of a recording session for the White Album. Later when the Beatles were officially no more, Ringo explained what he was feeling at the time and why he left for a spell, in The Beatles Anthology documentary, saying, “I felt I wasn’t playing great, and I also felt that the other three were really happy and I was an outsider. I went to see John [Lennon], who had been living in my apartment in Montagu Square with Yoko [Ono] since he moved out of Kenwood. I said, ‘I’m leaving the group because I’m not playing well and I feel unloved and out of it, and you three are really close.’ And John said, ‘I thought it was you three!’ So then I went over to Paul [McCartney]‘s and knocked on his door. I said the same thing: ‘I’m leaving the band. I feel you three guys are really close and I’m out of it.’ And Paul said, ‘I thought it was you three!’”

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