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Imagine: John Lennon Meets Prince (and Morrissey)

Imagine: John Lennon Meets Prince (and Morrissey)

June 06
10:29 2016

Virtual reality is all the rage: Facebook’s has Oculus, Google has Daydream. But the real revolution in tech happened years ago, when a former radio broadcaster named Robert Monroe recorded a series of cassette tapes—yes, cassette tapes—designed to launch listeners out of their bodies into a range of ethereal worlds beyond the physical.Using binaural beats, Monroe recreated for listeners the out-of-body experiences he’d written about in a series of books. Different frequencies induce different experiences, transporting you across a many-layered astral plane.Monroe referred to one of these destinations as Focus 27. It’s a place—or a state of being—he described as “a way station designed to ease the trauma and shock of the transition out of physical reality.” Monroe referred to it more lyrically as the Reception Center or—apropos any discussion of Prince—the Park.

Source: Imagine: John Lennon Meets Prince (and Morrissey)

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