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Tony Barrow by Ruth McCartney

Tony Barrow by Ruth McCartney

May 15
13:17 2016

I have been ruminating all day about dear Tony Barrow. As a child, I was always impressed by his....

I have been ruminating all day about dear Tony Barrow. As a child, I was always impressed by his ability to juggle all these famous people, phone calls, travel and yet still always remember to send us those gorgeous, glittery, oversized Christmas cards to Rembrandt with his “Cheers! Tony” signature. I must admit that I stole that greeting and still use “Cheers, Ruth” today on my emails.

Tony Barrow & The BeatlesHe also had an incredibly memorable speaking voice – once heard, never forgotten – if you’ve seen the film Good Ol’ Freda you’ll know what I am talking about. But growing up, I for one was singularly unimpressed his relationship with The Beatles (or The Fab Four as he dubbed them), I was however, HEAD OVER HEELS when I found out that my “Uncle Tony” was, in 1972, representing none other than (drum roll) Keith Partridge aka David Cassidy.

Tony arranged for tickets and backstage passes for me, Mum Angie and cousin Liz Harris to attend the Old Trafford Cassidy Concert and when I heard of the drama at Old Trafford today it tied the red thread of the universe together for me. It was Tony who got me in. And now, on the exact same day 40 plus years later, I am hearing about Old Trafford and Tony Barrow again at the same time. Alas, I was not to meet Cassidy that night, and wouldn’t until one fateful day in 1983 in a Beverly Hills, CA elevator at Neiman Marcus, where, instead of pulling out the old “McCartney” card, I said to David “your former press officer is kinda like my childhood uncle…do you remember Tony Barrow?”

Tony Barrow Beatles Press OfficerThat opened the conversation and a long, multi-year friendship with David so thank you Tony. I send all my love to Corrine and the boys knowing they can be proud forever of their husband and Dad and the place he holds in the history and hearts of the global extended Beatle Family.

Love and Godspeed,

Little Ruth


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