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Every song by The Beatles that the BBC banned

Every song by The Beatles that the BBC banned

Every song by The Beatles that the BBC banned
May 21
11:01 2022

The Beatles didn’t produce the same level of explicit or controversial content as some groups have been responsible for over the years. In fact, next to the Sex Pistols and The Stooges, The Beatles’ back catalogue seems like child’s play. However, As the Fab Four rose to an increasing level of public awareness in the 1960s, the BBC felt the need to step in from time to time to throw some red tape over the radio waves.

As we all know, the ’60s was a time of seismic cultural development. The post-war gloom had begun to abate as the economy thrived in the western world. The baby boomer generation matured into adulthood at this point, and they came with an attitude that would up-end the hairs on their parents’ necks. This attitude is most easily visualised by looking at the hippie culture; in with colour, psychedelic drugs and free love and out with war, racism and materialism.

Of course, The Beatles didn’t start the hippie movement, but they were certainly one of the guiding forces of the counterculture. The youth of the western world was losing religion and now putting a god-like status on musicians like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. At the time, this change worried the more conservative people in society, especially when it was discovered that the cheeky mop tops from Liverpool had started taking LSD and writing crackpot lyrics about marmalade skies and claiming to be walruses.

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