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The complete timeline of The Beatles split

The complete timeline of The Beatles split

The complete timeline of The Beatles split
April 10
09:42 2022

In not much more than a handful of years, The Beatles had changed the world. When the news broke on April 10th, 1970, that the musical force that had turned the monochrome world multicoloured as if flicking on a light, had suddenly blown a fuse, mourners took to the streets. “Nobody will ever replace The Beatles,” one fan remarked, “It’s just one Beatles group. We grew up with them. They started when they were younger and we were younger, and they belong to us in a way. There could never be another Beatles, never!”

In truth, that declaration said a lot in itself. It doomed them. They didn’t belong to anybody, they were just young lads trying to work their way through an entirely unprecedented life, and the pressure that there genuinely couldn’t be another Beatles was yet another magnet destined to pull them apart. Nevertheless, the whys and wherefores of the particulars have always been of interest.

“I know who broke up The Beatles,” Paul McCartney proclaimed in a recent Howard Stern interview. “John did,” he says bluntly. “There was a meeting when John came in and said, ‘hey guys, I’m leaving the group’, he had found Yoko.” However, as Lennon himself put it just after the breakup: “[Yoko] didn’t split The Beatles. The Beatles were drifting apart on their own.” Later adding: “A long time ago I said that I don’t want to be singing ‘She Loves You’ when I was 30, I said that when I was about 25.”

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