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The bizarre moment Paul McCartney rapped ‘Humpty Dumpty’

The bizarre moment Paul McCartney rapped ‘Humpty Dumpty’

The bizarre moment Paul McCartney rapped ‘Humpty Dumpty’
February 02
11:05 2022

Paul McCartney is undeniably one of the greatest musicians who ever lived. This is the man who wrote ‘Yesterday’, ‘Hey Jude’, and ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ in roughly a five-year stretch. This is the guitar player who put the explosive riff to ‘Paperback Writer’ and the exotic solo to ‘Taxman’ on record. From ballads to hard rockers and everything in between, McCartney is among the most formidable singers and songwriters of all time.

But this is also the man who made ‘Wild Honey Pie’. This is the guy who tried to bring eight ounces of weed into Japan in 1980. This is the guy who thought ‘Ebony and Ivory’ was a good idea. When you’re at the level of esteem and acclaim that McCartney is, inevitably there are going to be some stinkers. For Macca, this usually takes the form of just letting off steam and not worrying about writing the next ‘Blackbird’. It’s about having fun, and maybe even trying something you’ve never done before.

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