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How Ringo Starr learned to play the drums

How Ringo Starr learned to play the drums

How Ringo Starr learned to play the drums
October 21
11:26 2021

You’d be hard pressed to find a modern drummer who hasn’t been influenced by Ringo Starr‘s unique beats and rhythms. It’s not just that The Beatles are the biggest band of all time, but Starr himself is rightly getting credit for being both the rock that held it all together and an experimental player in his own right.

His unique style, whether it’s the syncopation of ‘Ticket to Ride’, propulsive simplicity of ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’, the tom-heavy fills of ‘Rain’ or the memorable intro to ‘Come Together’, Ringo is a versatile musician who always served the song first and foremost. While being interviewed by acolyte Dave Grohl in 2019, Starr recalls how his upbringing in Liverpool made it difficult to find an actual set of drums.

“In Liverpool, because we were all teenagers then, I did anything not to go in the army,” Starr remembers. “So to save myself from that, I ended up on the railways. Then I got a job in this factory.”

Adding: “My first band was in the factory with the guy who lived next door to me: Eddie Clayton, who was just a really cool guitar player. And I always wanted to be a drummer since I was 13, and my friend Roy [Trafford] made a tea-chest bass – a tea chest with a stick and a string – and that’s what skiffle was.”

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