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The Julian Lennon Conversation – CELLOPHANELAND*

The Julian Lennon Conversation – CELLOPHANELAND*

The Julian Lennon Conversation – CELLOPHANELAND*
February 12
13:39 2021

Julian, you are Executive Producer of the documentary Kiss the Ground, narrated by Woody Harrelson, which will premiere on Netflix on 22 September, and have produced other environmental documentaries in the past such as Whaledreamers and Women of the White Buffalo. What drew you to this particular project about soil regeneration?

There are a lot of doom-and-gloom exposés about climate change out there, and rightfully so, but it’s always nice to watch and learn from something that brings hope. That is what drew me to become involved with Kiss the Ground— the message of hope. In this film, we’re not only bringing the climate crisis to the forefront, we’re offering a feasible solution that could impact the entire planet.

Julian Lennon interview kiss the ground

What do you enjoy most about producing and how did you begin your producing career?

I think what I enjoy most about producing is watching how the completed films can influence people to see an issue from a new perspective, or learn about something new and inspire them to take action. I began my producing career with Whaledreamers, which was an effort to bring awareness to The Mirning People in Australia after I learned about their struggles to preserve their land and culture.

Did you know much about the biosequestration process beforehand or was this all a real learning curve for you? During the making of the documentary what were some of the biggest revelations for you regarding this process, and the profound ways in which it can heal the planet?

I was well-versed in the devastating effects that carbon dioxide has on the planet by way of greenhouse gases, but I didn’t know that biosequestration could be the answer to restoring atmospheric balance. I’ve always believed that nature can solve nature, I just perhaps didn’t realize there was a simple solution to such a monumental problem, literally right at our feet.

Julian Lennon Interview kiss the ground
Photo: Deborah Anderson

What valuable or optimistic messages are you and your fellow filmmakers hoping that viewers will take away from Kiss the Ground?

That science can bring miracles, and that if we work together, the planet’s problems that once seemed impossible to solve can be overcome.

Kiss the Ground premieres on Netflix on 22 September. See trailer here

For further information on the Kiss the Ground organisation and to find out how you can help, visit here

To visit Julian Lennon’s official website, visit here

Find out more abut Julian’s photography here

Visit The White Feather Foundation here

Photos: By Deborah Anderson

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