The Beatles are widely heralded as one of the greatest, and quite possibly the most influential, bands in history. They wonderfully encapsulated the spirit of the 1960s, transitioning from goodie boy band singing about holding hands to transcendental hippies singing about spiritual freedom and experimenting with advanced studio effects.RELATED: Best Beatles Movies, Ranked (According To IMDb)

Even to this day, their music remains a revelation. Movie producers certainly know this, and The Beatles’ music has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows throughout the years. Their incorporation may also prove particularly inspired, benefitting the excellent music on display.

10 Mad Men (2007-15)

Don listens to Tomorrow Never Knows

It’s fitting that “Tomorrow Never Knows” appeared in Mad Men, as that show also encapsulates the growing trends and changing times of the 1960s. Season five’s Lady Lazarus concerns Don Draper feeling particularly out of tune with the youth and counterculture. His wife, Megan, buys Revolver and tells Don to put on “Tomorrow Never Knows”. He does so and sits down with a drink to listen to, but he only makes it a minute into the song before standing and turning it off. “The ’60s” have arrived, and Don isn’t ready for it.

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