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PETER Grant, Globe arts correspondent and author of best-selling book The Fab Four, sees a new John Lennon ‘touring’ attraction unveiled in Liverpool.

Under blue suburban skies a bronze tribute in honour of one of Liverpool’s favourite sons has been unveiled in an equally world famous place.

The John Lennon Peace statue will be temporarily housed for two months in Penny Lane – the thoroughfare made famous by The Beatles in their 1967 single.

Although Penny Lane is often associated with Paul McCartney, John himself lived at Number 9 Newcastle Road for five years.

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Liverpool Councillor Richard Kemp unleashes Lennon. Picture: Peter Grant

It is minutes from the famous roundabout where he would meet Paul and George on their way to school.

The sculpture, by Laura Lian who is based in Wiltshire, has been on tour for 15 months and arrived at its latest home outside the Penny Lane Development Trust’s Lennon Studios ahead of John’s 80th birthday anniversary on October 9.

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Julie Cornell, senior charity officer at the Penny Lane Development Trust, stands by the John Lennon statue. Picture: Peter Grant

It is hoped the iconic image will be relocated for a longer period in front of Saint Barnabas Church which is rich in Fab Four history since Paul was a choir boy there aged eleven and it is where Mike McCartney was married.

A crowd of Beatle fans sporting Penny Lane t-shirts joined Pete Hooton from The Farm – who is a music consultant – and respected Beatle author and historian David Bedford.

Film crews also attended the unveiling The stunning work has already been seen at Glastonbury and at London’s Hard Rock Cafe.

On its travels the statue of Lennon called ‘the global peace campaigner’ has raised £5,000 for the charity War Child.

Further donations are welcome.

Wirral Globe:

St Barnabas Church on Penny Lane where the statue is destined. Picture: Peter Grant

Renowned sculptor Laura said she is delighted with the sculpture’s new home while a planning application is currently underway for a more permanent base.

Some of Laura’s collectors include Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones, Sharon Osbourne and Bernie Ecclestone Laura’s work is also displayed in Liverpool’s Hard Day’s Night Hotel.

Said Laura: “I would like to see the statue working for the community to help raise the positive theme of peace in the world and the communities where it tours.

Julie Gornell, senior charity officer at the Trust, said with a smile: “John’s come home.”

And Cllr Kemp, added: “It is a pleasure to welcome back John to the place he once belonged.”