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Beatles Set to Reunite with Holograms – The Banner Newspaper

Beatles Set to Reunite with Holograms – The Banner Newspaper

Beatles Set to Reunite with Holograms – The Banner Newspaper
April 01
09:29 2018

Help! I need somebody… like John Lennon and George Harrison perhaps?

In a stunning breakthrough of holographic miracle work, The Beatles will be brought back together for the first time in almost 50 years.

Two state-of-the-art holograms of deceased Beatles John Lennon and George Harrison will pave the way for a nine month world tour, giving a proper goodbye to the fan base, and add closure for Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Ringo Starr.

Thanks to the scientists and developers from Space X, Google, and a private laser corporation, Beatle legends Lennon and Harrison will be recreated into holograms called L.I.F.E forms, or Laser Intelligent Force Energy.

Not only will these holograms be realistic, but they have been programed to be completely conscious and responsive to the world around them whilst only on stage, as well as imitate the exact characteristics of the individual.

McCartney and Starr, the living members of the Beatles, each donated $10 million to the “Hello, Goodbye, Hello Fund,” aimed to raise money to further the production of these Lennon/Harrison models.

“I was so shocked to find out where technology is taking us that I just had to help,” said McCartney. “I know we could never bring John and George back, but this is the next best thing, man. It’s incredible that it worked.  I’m very, very excited, and I hope I don’t cry.”

Starr, though, was initially hesitant on bringing back help from his friends, but has recently come around.

“I’ve let them go, you know. They both left this Earth and I’m at peace with that. But what convinced me was how much I missed playing music with us together as a foursome that I decided to give it a shot – and now it actually will happen!”

Lennon and Harrison will be brought back as their 1973 versions of themselves, to fully ensure they are equipped with the full repertoire of Beatles classics from 1958-1970, as well as some solo work.

The dead members of the Beatles aren’t the only musicians brought back as holograms. Earlier, more primitive models resurrected Tupac Shakur, but only by using live footage of him from an old concert. Here, Lennon and Harrison will have their own consciousness while on stage.

Not only were Lennon and Harrison designed, but musicians like Kurt Cobain, Louis Armstrong, Michael Jackson and even Ludwig van Beethoven have been created and are in alpha stages.

Recently, Beethoven even gave a brief interview with members of the music press, translated into English.

“I cannot understand what you are saying,” shouted Beethoven.

Many have speculated that if young versions of dead musicians can be resurrected, that young versions of the living can be made as well. Die-hard Beatle fans have called for creating the 1964 version of the Beatles with four holograms depicting the Fab Four in their prime.

“That won’t be happening anytime soon,” said a spokesperson from the Space X program. President Trump even commented on Twitter, lending his insight on the development.

“Just found out about the BEAUTIFUL holograms successfully made of the Beatles – all thanks to yours truly. Only made possible with my presidential approval that they were created by AMERICAN workers in AMERICAN companies – NOT possible with Crooked Hillary as president!!”

Lennon’s sons Julian and Sean, as well as Harrison’ son Dhani, have publically approved of the tour to happen, though the results of an interaction with their fathers’ holograms is unknown. Yoko Ono, Pattie Boyd and Olivia Harrison have declined to comment.

The first leg of the tour will take place in England from June 8-23th, including venues like the O2 Arena and the Royal Albert Hall. The Beatles are set to play at Madison Square Garden in September.

Source: Beatles Set to Reunite with Holograms – The Banner Newspaper

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