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Welcome to Liverpool

Welcome to Liverpool

Welcome to Liverpool!

Liverpool has a fascinating history. Amongst my own earliest recollections are being on my Dad’s shoulders, watching King George and Queen Mary at the opening of the first Mersey Tunnel. (Yes, I’m THAT old).

The Liverpool we know today is vastly different from the days when the Beatles were wartime babies, born when the nightly air raids were devastating and flattening the City. Their world was black and white, and then it gradually changed to technicolor, and psychedelic hues when the hippy times came along, and their path covered many miles and hues.

The Beatles’ story began when John Lennon decided to get a group together, The Quarrymen, during his days at Quarry Bank School with some of his schoolmates. They were a fairly ragged combo in the beginning, and as John was to say later, that all changed the day that Ivan Vaughan brought along his friend, Paul McCartney to St. Peter’s Garden Fete in Woolton.

John and Paul immediately hit it off, although Paul was a little perturbed to find that John’s breath smelled of beer. That’ll show you how innocent he was in those days.

But by degrees, he fitted himself into the group, followed by his young friend, George Harrison, and so began their journey to stardom. They were always convinced they would make it one day, but to what extent, they had no vision. As I write this in the year 2020, the fame of The Beatles is still growing, and not showing any sign of slowing down. Such is the appeal of their music, magic and mayhem. Long may they prosper.

Once Brian Epstein entered their lives after seeing them at The Cavern, along with Alistair Taylor, he guided them towards a more professional on stage presence, (which meant no ciggies, no beer bottles, and chatting up the girls in the audience). Then came the tailored collarless jackets, the first ones made by Beno Dorn in Birkenhead for 40 GBP per suit, then Dougie Millings in London, then the Beatles haircuts, Beatle boots, etc., starting an endless string of merchandise which still sells like hot cakes today.

And from Liverpool, they embarked on their many trips to Germany, and Hamburg was where they really shaped themselves into musicians.


10 Admiral Grove
10 Admiral Grove, Dingle, Liverpool L8 8BH

12 Ardwick Road 
aka Paul McCartney’s Childhood Home
Speke, Liverpool L24 2UA

12 Arnold Grove
Wavertree, Liverpool L15 8HP

Paul’s Childhood Home
20 Forthlin Road Allerton, Liverpool 18, United Kingdom

3 Gambier Terrace 
Hope Street Quarter, Liverpool L1 7BG

Four Lads Who Shook The World Sculpture
15 Mathew Street, Liverpool
(above the entrance to the former Eric’s Club)

4 Rodney Street 
aka Brian Epstein’s Birthplace
Liverpool L1 2TZ

The Adelphi Hotel
Ranelagh St, Liverpool L3 5UL

Beatles Street Signs 
Kensington, Liverpool 6, UK

The Beatles Statue
Pier Head, Liverpool L3 1BY, United Kingdom

Blackler’s Store
53 Great Charlotte Street Liverpool L1, UK

The Blue Angel Nightclub
106-108 Seel Street, Liverpool L1 4BL, United Kingdom

The Liverpool College of Art
68 Hope St, Liverpool L1 7AY

Dovedale Primary School
Herondale Rd, Liverpool L18 1JX

Eleanor Rigby’s Grave
St Peter’s Churchyard, Woolton, Liverpool

Eleanor Rigby Statue
34 Stanley Street, Liverpool L1 6AL

The Liverpool Empire Theatre
Lime St, Liverpool L1 1JE

Ferry ‘Cross The Mersey
Liverpool Pier Head

The Hard Day’s Night Hotel
Central Buildings, North John Street, Liverpool L2 6RR

Hessy’s Music Store 
62 Stanley Street, Liverpool

The Jacaranda
21-23 Slater St, Liverpool L1 4BW

Liverpool John Lennon Airport
Speke Hall Ave, Speke, Liverpool L24 1YD

Joseph Williams Primary School
Sunnyfield Rd, Netherley, Liverpool L25 2NB

Lewis’s Store
Liverpool L2 2LZ, Liverpool

The Linda McCartney Centre
Royal Liverpool And Broadgreen University Hospital,
Prescot St, Liverpool L7 8XP

The Liverpool Beatles Museum
23 Mathew Street, Liverpool, L2 6RE

The Liverpool Institute
Mount St, Liverpool L1 9HF, United Kingdom

9 Madryn Street
aka Ringo’s Birthplace
The Dingle, Liverpool  L8 3TT

251 Menlove Avenue, Woolton, Liverpool UK

Mersey Beat Magazine
81a Renshaw St, Liverpool L1 2SJ

Mount Pleasant Registry Office (now closed)
64 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool L3 5RY, UK

Nems,  (North End Music Stores)
Epstein & Sons, Walton Road, Liverpool

Penny Lane
70 Penny Lane, Liverpool L18 1BW

Quarry Bank School 
24 Harthill Road, Calderstones,Liverpool L18 3HS

Reece’s Café and Ballroom
John & Cynthia’s Wedding Reception Location
Corner of Parker Street and Leigh Street, Liverpool L1

Rushworth & Dreaper’s Music Store
72 St Anne Street, Liverpool, L3 3DY UK

Sefton General Hospital (Formerly) 
Smithdown Road, Liverpool L15

St. Barnabas Church
Smithdown Place, Near Penny Lane, Liverpool L18 6JJ

St. Peter’s Church
Church Road, Woolton Village, Liverpool

Strawberry Field
Beaconsfield Road, Liverpool L25 6EJ

The Beatles Story Museum
Britannia Vaults, Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AD

The Casbah Coffee Club
8 Hayman’s Green Liverpool L12 7JG United Kingdom

The Cavern Club
10 Mathew St, Liverpool L2 6RE, United Kingdom

The Empress Pub
93 High Park Street, Liverpool L8 3UF, UK

The Grapes Pub
25 Mathew Street. Liverpool L2 6RE UK

The Liverpool Town Hall
High St, Liverpool L2 3SW, United Kingdom

The Walker Art Gallery
William Brown Street, Liverpool L3 8EL, UK

Walton Hospital
Paul McCartney’s Birthplace
(Permanantly closed)
Rice Lane, Prescot Street, Liverpool L9 1AE, United Kingdom

The White Star Pub
2-4 Rainford Gardens, Liverpool, L2 6PT UK

Ye Cracke Pub
13 Rice Street, Liverpool L1 9BB

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